Modes of Transportation

At Genesis Venture Logistics, we can help get your cargo from origin to destination whether by way of barge, rail, truck, vessel or any combination thereof. Our goal is to make the process easy and stress-free. Our logistics coordinators will help design a supply-chain solution that can navigate across the country by­:


We offer services on all major United States rail lines. There is currently 574 different railroads and over 169,000 miles of track in the US. The US Railway system moves 40% more tons per mile than any other mode of transportation. The industry is becoming more-and-more competitive every year. In some cases, if rail infrastructure already exists, this can be the most cost-saving mode of transportation for your business


As an asset-based company, we can transport your goods across the United States. Moving your product by trucks is a cost-effective way to ship within a 100-mile radius. Eighty four percent of all truck goods travel less than 100 miles per trip. There are more than 4 million miles of roads in the United. Genesis Venture Logistics can also provide services in bulk and tanker hauls.


We have a vast wealth of contacts and experience providing services throughout the US Waterways system. These waterways connect 38 states. There are around 250,000 commercially navigable coastal and inland waterways within the country. We have assets that can move your material as well as help with the loading and offloading. Using the US Waterways system is environmentally friendly and a safe way to transport material. Our carriers can haul bulk, break bulk, container by barge and liquids.

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Moving cargo by ocean allows for a wide-variety of commodities. Ninety percent of everything the US buys arrives by ocean-going ships. One mega-cargo ship can hold 14,000-plus containers. Traveling by ocean-going vessels is the most cost-effective way to ship large volumes in overseas markets. Genesis Venture Logistics can handle the booking of overseas freight, customer service and bills of lading. We can arrange chartering for marine cargos, project cargos and/or container shipping.