Meet the Team

Genesis Venture Logistics CEO and Owner Lorraine Hyde

Lorraine Hyde – CEO/Presidentl: placeholdertextplacehx

Lorraine has worked in the transportation field for more
than 20 years. Before opening her own company, she
specialized in supply chain solutions while employed
at several Fortune 500 companies. She has a
master’s degree in business management.



Ed Cumberledge


Genesis Venture Logistics VP Logistics Operations Paul Bonner

Paul Bonner

VP Logistics Operations

Genesis Venture Logistics VP Logistics Services Tyler Howland

Tyler Howland

VP Logistics Services

Genesis Venture Logistics VP of Business Development and Sales Mark Palazzo

Mark Palazzo

VP of Sales

Mark Hurban

VP of Safety & Environmental Services

Genesis Venture Logistics Logistics Sales Manager

Nick Horbenko

Logistics Manager

Louis Conti

Trucking Manager

Joe Francisco

Territory Sales Manager

Stefano Giacchino

Territory Sales Representative

Genesis Venture Logistics Accounts Manager Marissa Hawkins

Marissa Hawkins

Accounts Manager

Genesis Venture Logistics Communications Coordinator Samantha Hyde

Samantha Hyde

Communications Coordinator